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What We Do

Our talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with innovative data centred ideas for management of urban systems develop data collection systems and provide intelligence to the operators to facilitate management of urban systems and offer solutions to maximize profits and minimize costs. Our solutions ultimately contribute towards better user experience. Our flagship product, Spotscope, provides an innovative parking intelligence platform for operators of all sizes. Whether you need intelligence for one parking spot or a wide area lot, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled, dedicated solutions and services.
     At LoXcope, we believe that the intelligence and knowledge can lead companies towards a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to request more information and discuss solutions tailored to your bsuiness.

REduce travel time &miles


Optimize operations



With parking data from each spot, whether accessed controlled lots or on-street parking, operators can monitor inventory, availability, and violations, and gain actionable information in real time and over longer time periods for planning purposes. Operators are also able to manage their facilities from anywhere, at any time, and from any device through LoXcope's analytics dashboard. LoXcope also provides routine recommendations for pricing and optimum structures for parking access as well as enforcement. The benefits include:

  • Better data for inventory utilization and prediction

  • Optimise pricing based on the data

  • Ability to communicate availability with users

  • Provide turn by turn direction for best location

  • Reserve and shake hand with users 

  • Improved user experience and customer satisfaction


  • Optimize operations

  • Reduce travel times

  • Reduce congestion

  • Reduce gas emissions

  • Improve compliance

  • Optimize Pricing

  • Improve policy

  • Facilitate planning


  • Park easier

  • Real-time guidance

  • Predict total travel time

  • Save Time and Fuel

  • No More Circling

  • Find cheaper parking

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Real time parking monitor

  • Optimize access

  • Optimize operations

  • Optimize enforcement

  • Data driven planning



  • Offer new solutions

  • Accurate parking data.

  • Powerful APIs

  • Valuable Parking Data

  • New customers

  • Security, transportation, building maintenance, construction industries


LoXcope's Technology Platform

LoXcope platform includes hardware, communication network, data, and software to offer applications for smart parking. We use a system of wide area sensors, detect vehicle occupancy and provide comprehensive and accurate data through a cloud based analytic dashboard for effective parking policy decisions and parking guidance.


Hardware and Communication Network

LoXcope uses the emerging IoT-enabled smart parking sensors as well as Bluetooth enabled devices that communicate with a gateway, mobile phones, and other computing devices to provide detailed real-time parking data. The collected data is communicated through a hybrid communication network, including cellular, bluetooth, and LoRaWAN. LoXcope manages most of its communication network to bring the costs down and offer on-street and off-street municipal and private parking management solutions.

     LoXcope fully automated systems are ready to use with mimimal intervention. Our out-of-box solutions provides the parking operators with full control over configuration of the system as well as the costs.


Software & Cloud Computing Platform

LoXcope provides the data through cloud based mobile and web applications. LoXcope preparatory dashboard provides flexibility to operators to get real time and periodic insight from their parking and better manage the lots. 


     LoXcope API's also provide the data to developers for commercial or public transportation management applications. LoXcope can identify and reserve parking for users of other busiensses and provide them with turn by turn instruction to facilitate their arrival.

LoXcope's cloud computing network is set up to work with other sensors and IoT systems. We can facilitate integration of LoXcope's sensor systems with other sensors of clients. LoXcope is also currently working on developing other urban sensor systems as well as applications based on our cloud platform.


The focal point of LoXcope's system is a unique dashboard and analytic platform that provides important visualisation and real time recommendations for operations optimisation. 

     The collected spot-level data is structured on the LoXcope's cloud based data platform. The real time visualisation tools provide vital statistics and visualisations for the operators to enable them to make operations decisions fast.

LoXcope's Dashboard & Analytics Platform

     The advanced analytic engine of the analytic platform goes through short term and long term data patterns, performs optimisation and provide easy to understand business strategies for pricing, access control, and enforcement. 


Dr. Reza Ghaeli

Ph.D., P.Eng.

Dr. Reza Ghaeli has a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering. Reza has background in intelligent transportation systems, advanced analytics, machine learning, engineering economics. Reza has been involved in many public and private urban transportation systems and has worked on development of parking design guidelines.


Pouya Kamali, Ph.D.
Technology Advisor

Pouya Kamali has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and has years of professional and practical experience in wide area sensor networks as well as communication hardware. Pouya is a technical advisor and shareholder of LoXcope.


3501 1211 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 0A6

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